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So here goes for my first ever blog! Considering the lockdown situation, there really has not been much to do other then basically eat and drink, so I thought why not cover the benefits of feeding your skin from within!

No, before you say, this is not my new recipe book... I have had some extra time on my hands with not being able to work at my Little Beauty Hideaway and I'm sure those of you that love your facial treatments are missing them A LOT! So if you fancy doing something positive to get a feel good factor at home and you need to get away from the treat cupboard (like me) then instead here are some of the foods you can incorporate in to your diet to enrich your skin health through your nutrition! GET THE GLOW FROM HOME! Healthy skin starts in the kitchen!

Nutrition is important in maintaining optimal skin integrity and for the healing process when skin cells become damaged. When you are healthy your skin repairs at a faster rate. The most essential things for skin repair are energy, protein, fluid, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Energy is needed to fuel the healing process. Protein is used for cell production, accumulation and remodelling of collagen as well as immune function. Fluid is one of the most essential elements, it transports the necessary supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Fats are one of the key elements of cell membranes and are needed to absorb fat soluble vitamins.

The following vitamins and minerals are key for skin health; vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, iron, copper and vitamin E.


Here are some of the best foods for glowing skin.

The best foods for glowing skin are likely to contain either vitamin A,C,E or a combination.

The Vitamins

Vitamin A acts as the acne warrior and helps to flush toxins out of your skin.

Vitamin E protects your skin cells from free radical damage.

Vitamin C assists the body in making collagen, which helps us out as we age.

Fruits and Veggies

The ones that are just as nutrient rich as they are in colour.

Tomatoes, broccoli, red grapes, sweet potato, avocado, red and yellow bell peppers; all of these are stuffed with nutrients, vitamins and healthy fats to literally feed our skin, with what it needs to be healthy today, after lockdown, and as we age!

Get Nutty

Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds are among the best foods for glowing skin.

Walnuts add to our collagen bank, helping us stay away from those wrinkles as long as possible. They also contain the praised omega-3 fatty acids ( the same thing that makes salmon so good for your skin!)

Dry skin - head over to the almond side. They are packed with vitamin E

For the sweet tooth

Dark chocolate (go for good quality though, it has to be at least 70% cacao)

They say our skin is a true reflection of health because it's the last place to get nutrition, but cocoa is a source of manganese which helps nutrient absorption.

Not only that, but by reducing our stress hormones, chocolate gives you a happy high and prevents the breakdown of collagen - the wrinkle-busting protein that keeps skin plump and youthful.

Rich in vitamins A, B1, C, D and E, plus iron and calcium, chocolate nourishes your skin from the inside out to replace lost moisture, plus it prevents aging; defending damage by protecting from harmful UV rays thanks to its antioxidant flavonoids. Who knew?


"It's Glow Time"

Here are some of my favourite juices to try!

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