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The ultimate skin care routine for winter

Winter is harsh on everything, especially your skin. From cracked lips to dry skin, the harsh temperature and icy wind can really take it's toll. Maintaining beautiful healthy looking skin during winter is achievable with these essential Environ tip's!

Keep replenishing your vitamin A levels ( winter, summer, all year round)

Vitamin A is a crucial nutrient that normalises skin and helps to keep it normal and resilient. It must be replaced daily to take care of the skins deficiency as a result of UV exposure. Once the optimal level of vitamin A is restored, your skin will be brought back to its most healthy looking beautiful state.

Dehydrated skin lacks moisture

Focus on giving your skin more of what it needs with scientifically formulated products such as Focus care moisture + super moisturiser. This luxurious cream, containing vitamins and antioxidants, assists to lock in moisture and enhance the skins barrier function.

Dry skin lacks oil

Environ's highly acclaimed Focus care hydrating oil capsules deliver a concentrated burst of vitamin rich hydration in convieniently packaged capsules.

Alpha hydroxy acids are beneficial in winter skincare

Focus care Alpha hydroxy acid night cream helps to energise tired looking skin and restore a radiant appearance while its exfoliating properties help to refine the skin's texture.

Experience Environ's Cool Peel treatments, to revive and revitalise the skin.

Put back what winter takes out with Environ's cool peel technology. This scientifically formulated technology is the perfect treatment for winter months.

Don't forget your sunscreen!

Protecting your skin from the elements is your first line of defence. By applying a sunscreen, even in winter, you can help protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental factors!

My fave …… Environs RAD SPF15 £19.95

Other winter skin care savers

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